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Here are 64 recent testimonials from our satisfied customers:

Curtis Duncan (Henrico, VA) - 12/18/2014
It was very easy to host a party for 20 kids!

Nate Davenport (Richmond, VA) - 12/15/2014
The kids had fun.

DeAndre Watson (Chesterfield, VA) - 12/15/2014
Convenient location and my son wanted a inflatable jumping party.

I liked not having to clean up and being able to sit in one area and watch the kids play.

Our party host was GREAT. I can not remember his name but if it is in the system I would like to recognize him for being such a great help and having everything we needed.

Todd Milhous (Richmond , VA) - 12/14/2014
The kids had a great time.

Tiffany Frierson (Mechanicsville, VA) - 12/12/2014
We had my son's birthday party there last year and he had a wonderful time and wanted to come back.

My son had a wonderful time (again)!

Rebecca Howell (Richmond, VA) - 12/10/2014
Kangaroo Jac's was a perfect fit for a 4-year old's party.

It was easy to keep things contained, and the the parents were able to relax without needing to watch the kids so intently.


Cathy Biggs (Hanover, VA) - 12/08/2014
I liked the fact that I didn't have to do a whole lot. The kids all had a great time.

Abigail Edwards (Richmond, VA) - 12/02/2014
My daughter loves it! And the price was right!

Our party helper was amazing! She worked very hard to ensure the partY was a success. Jayson was very very patient and helpful!

Thank you!

Mallorie Peace (Richmond, VA) - 11/18/2014
I thought my son would really enjoy himself there and I wanted a party were I had to do minimal planning.

Our party host was really nice. He did everything and never made us feel rushed.

Anchal Trinidad (Richmond, VA) - 11/18/2014
Dawn was amazing!!!

Melissa Nuckels (Mechanicsville, VA) - 11/11/2014
We have attended a couple parties here in previous years and my girls have had a good time. We normally rent our own jumpy castles and do our own thing, but tried something different.

It was nice to come and enjoy the party and not have to worry about clean up or anything. Our party host was very helpful. The facility was very clean and very well taken care of.

Kara Beville (Sandy Hook, VA) - 11/10/2014
Katie was awesome!!!

The kids had a blast!

Valerie Williamson (Richmond, VA) - 11/06/2014
It's all-inclusive.

You guys did everything!

Brittany Stone (Chesterfield, VA) - 11/01/2014
Jerel was my party host. He was great.

My daughter had a blast.

Hardeep Kaur (Richmond, VA) - 10/30/2014
My son wanted to have his party here.

Our host was great!

The kids enjoyed it.

Dalfonzo Williams (Richmond, VA) - 10/28/2014
Alex loves jumping off your wall and the game room.

The staff they catered to all our needs. Very professional and wonderful customer service skills.

Nirmalya Chatterjee (Richmond, VA) - 10/28/2014
Kangaroo Jac's is a hassle free way to celebrate real fun filled party.

We loved our our party host. He helped us a lot and was very responsive to any help sought. He also managed the event very well.

Srinivas Reddy Sudhireddy (Richmond, VA) - 10/26/2014
I really liked the staff members coordination and cooperation!

Christine Robinson (Richmond, VA) - 10/23/2014
The kids had a blast!

Christy Barnard (Glen Allen, VA) - 10/22/2014
My daughter enjoys bounce houses and this was a convenient way for her to have a party with her friends.

Shannon McDowney (Ruther Glen, VA) - 10/21/2014
It was a good atmosphere for the kids and everything was done for me.

Katie did an awesome job as our party host. She was very attentive and took care of everything.

Lauren Corby (Richmond, VA) - 10/21/2014
We loved Jayson and Alyssa! They made the party!

The store was very clean and the kids had fun! We also liked their flexibility. The kids were done playing after an hour, and they helped us move into the party room quickly.

Rebecca Duke (Henrico, VA) - 10/20/2014
My child enjoyed the party he attended and wanted to have his party at Kangaroo Jac's.

The kids had a lot of fun and the coordinator did all of the work including cleaning up for me.

I received exceptional service from Katherine Quinn, she was great with the kids and super helpful!

Christine Robinson (Richmond, VA) - 10/19/2014
The kids had a blast!

Marshall Rozario (Powhatan, VA) - 10/17/2014
Alyssa Demtri was an excellent host. She was always in the lookout to see if anyone needed anything. She did a great job.

Overall, the party was a success. Everyone including the adults loved it!

Jeanine Williams (Richmond, VA) - 10/07/2014
My child requested a birthday party after a school field trip there.

the party is very easy on parents!

Sharat Karra (Henrico, VA) - 10/04/2014
Well organized , hassle free for the hosts. You take care of everything.

I think our host was Katie, she was good.

Shilen Carter (Richmond, VA) - 09/30/2014
My daughter had fun with her friends!

Judy Stewart (Midlothian, VA) - 09/28/2014

Frances Peatross (Ruther Glen, VA) - 09/28/2014
We were looking for a reasonable priced inflatable facility so we picked Kangaroo Jac's.

I didn't have to do much. Just show up.

Jill Johnson (Henrico, VA) - 09/24/2014
My son loves this place and I wanted him and his friends to be able to let loose and have a great time.

I liked having a dedicated attendant. He took wonderful care of us. Jayson was amazing!

Love the new layout and the new carpet.

Lauren Early (Richmond, VA) - 09/22/2014
Our party was easy and low stress and she loves to jump!

I liked not having to do it at my house! It was nice to have a party host helping out!

My party host was exceptional! He made the party so easy for us and was very attentive to our needs and the needs of the kids!

Elizabeth Zyglocke (Glen Allen , VA) - 09/15/2014
We had our birthday party here because our kids had fun playing there before and saw the parties going on...seemed like a fun idea.

I would recommend Kangaroo Jac's for a birthday party to my friends.

Keyarnia Kay (Richmond, VA) - 09/11/2014
Our host was great!

Brenda Chavis (Mechanicsville, VA) - 09/06/2014
Alyssa was an amazing host. She helped me with everything. She had great ideas and worked well with all of the children. I would really want her to host my next party at KJ. Katie was very helpful also. She gave me a warm greeting and was very attentive. Thank you ladies!!!!

Evelyn Cronin (Richmond, VA) - 09/05/2014
The kids had a great time, everyone got fed, and there was very little work for me!

Renice Gray (Harrisonburg, VA) - 09/04/2014
It was somewhere we hadn't been before. Thought it would be fun for all ages.

My son had a great time and fell asleep afterwards.

Alyssa was awesome! She helped me put the centerpiece together, put up my banner and did all the work for me. I had no stress during my party because she handled it all. Including putting together a gift list for thank you notes!! She even answered all the questions, my guests had, that I had and most importantly all the questions my mother had!!

My guests and I really enjoyed our time there. The toddler area was perfect for my son and our other young guests. Everyone enjoyed the pizza as well as the concession stand. I think we'll be coming back soon!

Nancy Pitts (Glen Allen, VA) - 08/29/2014
Melody was our hostess. She and the manager were awesome.

Elizabeth Land (Henrico, VA) - 08/21/2014
Melody at the Richmond store was our host and did a great job!

The kids had a great time! Thank you!

Beth Waggoner (Mechanicsville, VA) - 08/20/2014
I liked not having to be in charge!

Gina Hamlin (Richmond, VA) - 07/29/2014
Merideth was our party leader, she was fantastic, attentive, very polite.

Hosting a party was so easy.

Jennifer Harris (Henrico, VA) - 07/13/2014
Things I liked:

The convenience; having most everything handled for us; also, the entertainment value for the kids.

Ron Romanosky (Richmond, VA) - 07/08/2014
Full service party! I loved having a coordinator that was there to handle all the details so that we could enjoy the time with the kids!

Kevin Vong did a fantastic job as our party coordinator!

The new management is doing a fantastic job! The play area was so nice and clean... Can't wait to bring the kids back to play!

Nancy Dalema (Mechanicsville, VA) - 06/23/2014
We had another party at Kangaroo Jac's because we have had successful parties for our children there over the past years.

Our party host was very nice and helpful.

I liked no mess at my house.

Margaret Johnson (Richmond, VA) - 06/23/2014
I liked that the play and food re included in the birthday party package.

Taylor Fleming (MIdlothian, VA) - 06/17/2014
Our birthday party was the Best! Thanks to your employee, Kayla. She was awesome.

Jennifer Pullen (Richmond, VA) - 06/10/2014
My son has wanted a party there for over a year! Every year I worry about the weather when I have it at my house--this year I didn't have to!

Mickey (our party host) did a fantastic job! We had extra kids show up and she kept it all in stride!

I loved the ease of the party!

Sanjeev Kaul (Glen Allen, VA) - 06/08/2014
Our party was fun for the kids!

Stephanie Wynn (Henrico, VA) - 06/02/2014
We had our birthday party here because It's a convenient location and I've heard good things about it.

Melody was great! She was very attentive to us and the kids loved her!

Rebecca Pfaff (Richmond, VA) - 05/27/2014
My daughter loves coming here and wanted to be able to do that with her friends for her birthday.

I didn't have to worry about anything!

Zakiya Neal (Richmond, VA) - 05/12/2014
We had our party at Kangaroo Jac's because my kid requested it!

The friendliness of the staff and our party host was the best!

Amy Dugger (Richmond, VA) - 05/12/2014
The kids had a GREAT time!

I had been there under the old management. The place was gross and dirty. Now with the new management the flooring - carpet - looked clean. I liked how some of the old inflatables were removed and added some smaller ones that all the children could enjoy in one room. I have to say this was probably one of the best birthday parties we have had for her.

Thank you!

Lalitha Challa (Richmond, VA) - 04/28/2014
I liked the timing of everything and all the assistance organizing my party. It was fun seeing all the kids have lots of fun!

Lorraine Lawson (Cartersville, VA) - 04/28/2014
We've had parties here before.. It has always been a pleasant experience and the kids always have a blast.

I like the space, freedom and safety the kids have while playing and the positive and courteous staff.

Our host Kevin Vong was awesome! Very kind and attentive.. The entire staff that was on shift during our party were great and always had a smile on their face.

Roger Simmons (Quinton, VA) - 04/27/2014
It looked like a place where the children would have lots of fun.

I liked the freedom the children had while playing.

Debbie Baulsir (Glen Allen, VA) - 04/26/2014
I liked our party because it was indoors and convenient, and low maintenance on my part! I would recommend Kangaroo Jac's to my friends.

Nan Taylor (Richmond, VA) - 04/19/2014
My son wanted to have his party at Kangaroo Jac's.

1. - The kids had a great time!

2. - Our party host was well-organized.

Brittani Burke (Richmond, VA) - 04/16/2014
My children love jumping.

The kids had a great time.

Jennifer Dodson (Glen Allen, VA) - 04/07/2014
The party was easy, not a lot of extra effort on my part. I had surgery two days before the party.

Maggie Rice (Midlothian, VA) - 04/07/2014
I hosted our birthday party here because my friend said her experience was fun.

Our party host, David, was awesome. He did a fabulous job.

Eljaynora Ray (Richmond, VA) - 04/07/2014
We liked the FUN!

Samanth J (Henrico, VA) - 03/31/2014
Had a great birthday party here recently. Loved the fact there is a separate play area for toddlers and a bigger play area for older kids. This place is HUGE. It's a good value for the low prices they charge.

Brenda G. (Richmond, VA) - 03/12/2014
This is definitely a favorite "fun spot" for our kids. They love coming here ... and always hate when it is time to leave!

Jeff L. (Richmond, VA) - 02/22/2014
My boys love the GIANT Batman slide! Always a fun time.

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