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Reservation Terms and Conditions

We know how to throw a great party!  

We've been hosting AWESOME parties for years.  We have all the experience and knowhow.  We do all the work for you.  All you have to do is show up, and relax.  Our trained party hosts will run your party, serve your food, and engage your guests. There is absolutely no work for you to do!  Relax.  Enjoy watching your child and guests have extreme fun...

On this page, we would like to clarify some important information concerning the Terms and Conditions of hosting a birthday party or other private event in our store.  These are the boring, but important details we will handle for you.  For those interested in the fine print, we're happy to provide it to you here on this page.  If you have questions, just call us!  You'll find we're fair and friendly.  There is a reason we have thousands of excellent reviews and so many repeat customers.  Of course, every business has to have policies in order to operate smoothly. We've spelled out our Terms and Conditions here for you, so there are no surprises:


8 day cancellation policy.
We have a 8 day cancellation / reschedule policy. Because we are often sold out, we usually say no to other parties when we hold a party room for you. Therefore, please understand that we will need to charge you for your party if you cancel or reschedule with less than 8 days notice. The 8 day cancellation policy also applies to all add-on items such as extra pizzas, cakes, balloons, party bags, etc.  You must give us 8 days advance notice to cancel these extra items.  Your confirmation email will provide you with the exact date and time before which you must give us notice of any cancellation. If you need to cancel, your party is not considered to be formally canceled / rescheduled until you receive a cancellation email or new reservation email.  Without a cancellation email from us, you still have liability for the party you reserved.


Additional food policy.
We provide a slice of pizza and a drink for the children participating in the party that you have paid for. If you feel you will need more pizza to feed parents who may stay during the party, please call us to add additional pizzas for adults in attendance.  We have exclusive arrangements with our pizza vendors. Therefore, pizzas may only be ordered through us.  Beverages must also be purchased from us.  Cakes may be purchased from us for your convenience (must be ordered in advance), or you are welcome to bring your own cake and cupcakes.  We cannot permit customers to bring their own pizzas or other food.  We have many delicious, freshly prepared snacks at our snack bar, right in the lobby. Much like a movie theater, we do not permit customers to bring in outside food.  However, if you really want to cater your own party, we will allow you to bring in as much of your own food as you desire (pizza and beverages excluded) for use in your party room for a one-time fee of $29.99. It is important you update us with an accurate count of expected players that have RSVP'd, so we can prepare the proper number of place settings and the correct number of pizzas. In the event there are substantially fewer players in attendance than you reserved for, you may be responsible for the cost of the extra pizza prepared for the guests that do not attend.


Order of party events.
Your party will begin with one hour, 15 minutes of bounce time followed by 45 minutes in your private party room for pizza, cake, and presents!  When your guests first arrive, everyone goes directly to the bounce area and immediately starts to play!  Your party room will be made available to you 30 minutes after the start time of your party reservation  This is so we have ample time to clean the room from the previous party and prepare it for your party. 


We charge for all children at the party.
Please be aware it is our strict policy to charge for all children in attendance at a party, whether or not they participate in all the fun and games.  We simply do not want to put our staff in a position of arguing with a parent as to whether the child participated or not.  This same policy applies to late arrivals.  We will charge you the full price for each participant of your party, regardless of whether he/she arrives late or must leave before the party is over.  Store managers do not have the discretion to alter this policy.

Payment method, taxes & fees.
We accept Cash, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.  We do not accept American Express or checks.  A $12.99 facility surcharge is added to all party invoices.  State taxes, local taxes, local amusement taxes, and corporate amusement fees may also apply, depending on jurisdiction.  By making a reservation with us, you understand and agree that for your convenience and ours, we may use credit card processing technology and cash register systems that do not require your signature or swiped card to be present.  You agree that by providing us with your credit card information by phone or Internet, we have your express consent to electronically charge your card for any party deposits and services without your written signature.


Reservation is a promise to pay in full for your party.
When you make a reservation by phone, in person, or via the Internet, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, including our cancellation policy.  Should you not give us the required 8 days notice of cancellation, you further agree and promise to pay the full amount of your party reservation, including all fees and taxes, minus any deposits or advance payments we may have already collected from you.  While we generally collect payment for your party the day of your event, we reserve the right to charge you in advance for your reservation, at our convenience, should our internal systems determine it is necessary.  Inclement weather is not a reason for cancellation.  In the event of severe weather, we will notify you via email if your party cannot be held.  Please review our inclement weather policy for how we handle extreme weather events.


Reservations for large groups.
If you reserve space for a very large group, we may determine that two party rooms are required; in which case we will provide two rooms at no extra charge. Should you reduce the number of guests with less than eight days advance notice, we reserve the right to charge you for the original number of reserved guests, since we reserved a second party room for your larger group, thus reducing the number of reservations we could accept.  For this reason, please provide us with more than 8 days notice if you need substantially reduce the number of players in your group.  We will be happy to discuss this in detail with you and help you coordinate the proper number of party rooms.


Party room rental time is different from overall party length.
While your party will last a full two hours, we wish to remind you that your party room becomes available to you 30 minutes after the party start time.  You will then have use of the party room all the way until the party ends prompty two hours after the start time.


You will be playing with other parties and public customers.
While we certainly provide you with a private party room just for you and your guests, please understand you will most likely be playing in the bounce area with other parties, which makes it that much more fun!


Use of email address.
We require an email address so we may send you confirmations of your party reservation and copies of receipts.  We may use your email address for reminder messages prior to your scheduled party, and for future marketing.  We may also send text messages to your mobile phone from time to time.  We promise never to sell or provide your email address or mobile phone number to any third parties.  


No pinatas or signs taped to our walls.
Due to the messy nature of confetti, silly string, streamers and piñatas, we ask that you not use them. If you decide to use them, there will be a $50.00 cleaning fee added to the party balance. We do not allow anything to be taped to our walls. Likewise, to protect the store from tape residue and possible other damage, we do not allow signs or banners to be attached to our walls by tape, pins, or any other methods.  The most festive decorations are balloons!  We can provide balloons, or you may bring your own.  While we provide all necessary generic white paper plates, cups, forks, spoons, and napkins, you are also welcome to upgrade to a themed party with colorful themed plates, napkins, and cups!


Terms and Conditions subject to change.
Our lawyers wouldn't want us to leave this out...  While we rarely make changes or exceptions to our policies, we reserve the right to alter our policies and procedures at any time without advance notice or posting.


Please call us.  We're always happy to answer your questions and help you better understand our policies.  Our goal is to offer you an excellent value and the most tremendously FUN party your child has ever experienced.

® 2018 Kangaroo Jac's, a company.